Health & Safety
Health & Safety

Aethos Health & Safety Standard

As of June 8th, we have officially re-opened our doors. To keep our clients, staff and community safe, we have created special arrival and departure procedures for our members. Please view our procedures below and also watch our arrival video to understand the new facility flow. Throughout our location, you will find signage to help direct you and act as visual markers for where to stand, sit, walk and sanitize. These are some of the many ways we are keeping you safe during your visits at Aethos.

Before Your Visit


Member Pre-Screening

All members will be pre-screened twice before their appointment.

  • 12 hours before appointment – Members must complete a pre-screening questionnaire on Jane.
  • On arrival – Members will have their temperature checked.

Team Health Screening

Our team will run through the same screening process as members upon arrival for their shift.

  • 12 hours before appointment – Staff will complete questionnaire before entering building.
  • On arrival – Staff will have their temperature checked.

Check-In Procedure


Sanitize shoes and hands

Upon entering the facility, please sanitize your hands and the bottom of your shoes using our sanitation station.

Place mask on face

Put your mask on your face, making sure to cover both your nose and mouth. Reusable masks are available for purchase, as well as disposable masks and gloves.

Check in at front desk

Check-in at the front to receive your assigned locker number and assigned seat number for your session.

Temperature check

A staff member will check your temperature with a touchless thermometer.

Shoe Exchange

A drawstring bags will be provided to you to place your outdoor shoes in. We provided slippers to change into if needed.

Enter to right

The facility has been lined with arrows to direct traffic and ensure social distancing practices. Please follow the lines when going in and out of the facility.

Change for Appointment

Use your assigned locker to prepare for your appointment. Lockers are staggered to maintain social distancing practices.

Wait in assigned seat

Please wait in your assigned seat until your trainer/practitioner is ready to see you.


Leaving the Facility


Wash and sanitize hands

Thoroughly wash and sanitize your hands after your session in our change rooms.

Exit to the right

Follow the lines on the ground to exit the gym floor and enter into the front reception.

Drop sandals in bin

Leave your sandals at the front reception so that we can sanitize them for the next member.

Exit the facility

Avoid surface contact by using your elbow to push the front door exit button.

Keep mask on

For safety purposes, make sure your mask remains on until you leave the building.

Enjoy the rest of your day

We thank you for your time at the clinic and hope to see you again soon!

Our Sanitation Procedures

  • When appointment is complete Practitioners will discard used gloves, immediately sanitize hands and escort you to change room or reception.


  • Practitioner will immediately clean any area used by the client with disinfectant wipes or sprays. This includes any equipment, treatment tables, door handles and any other item used.


  • Practitioners will thoroughly wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap. Hand sanitizer will be applied afterwards.


  • Practitioners are required to wear their clean Aethos attire & indoor shoes during their shift. They must change out of those clothes at the end of the shift for commute home and clothing worn during their shift is to be washed.